Mindful Business
Mindful Business offers lectures and programs based on mindfulness for those who wish to get an insight what awareness can do for their business and leadership. Research on mindfulness meditation show that in a few couple of weeks, you will increase your attention and your focus. There will be more space within you for creativity and strategic thinking, and you will become more present and empathetic .

Mindful Business
Mindful Leadership a modern way to lead!

To be present and mindful in your leadership
In our digitized culture of information overload and fully signed agendas the press to do the right thing is enormous. To be able to manage decisions and reactions well, a pause between incoming information and outgoing response can be the difference between a good and a bad one! The importance of beeing present and have focus in a dialogue with our co-workers are a brick to create good results, confidence and passion within your team. And to get our business to grow and stay ahead we need to enable an environment that encourages innovation and creativity.

To train your brain and mind
Practice makes perfect, which is something we say when we want to get better or want to learn something new. We educate ourselfs when we want to enhance our skills in order to become competitive. And if we want a strong and firm body we know that physical training on a regular basis is the way to go. And today we have realized that strengthen and train our brain give us the advantage of more focus, creativity and presence which will help us take better decisions and make our business grow! And the same principles applies to mindfulness training, practice makes perfect!


Mindful Business Jane Skullman
More about Jane Skullman please see here profil on LinkedIn

Founder of Mindful Business
Founder and CEO of Mindful Business is Jane Skullman who has several years of experience in many executive and leading positions within the digital media industry. She has a deep understanding of the importance for innovation, growth and always to be one step ahead to make a successful business. She has become known for being highly creative and fearless which is one of the reasons that she was given the award, Business Manager of the Year at IDG in 2012.

In addition to her business skills mindfulness has always been a great passion and an assessment in her life! Jane has practice meditation since she was 14 years old and she became a mindfulness instructor 2013. She did her basic training with Mindfulnesgruppen and enhanced her knowledge within mindful leadership at the Institute for Mindful Leadership. Between 2010 and 2013, Jane offered mindfulness sessions for her colleagues at IDG who became highly valued and an effective brain reboot during the week. She has also been given lectures and workshops to Net Enterteinment, Norstedts Professional, the network WIP – Womans IT proffesionals and at Webbdagarna, a great event for everybody who works with digital business. Please read some comments and references about Jane here!


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