Why meditation makes you a successful entrepreneur.

Today, mindfulness has become a matter of course for many companies, entrepreneurs and leaders. For example Jeff Weiner LinkedIn, Evan Williams Twitter and Marc Benioff from Salesforce are all using meditation as a way to enhance their own performance and creativity without losing focus or presence. And some companies has even gone further such as Google who are not only offering meditation and mindfulness to their employees, but in their true entrepreneurial spirit they also have started a leadership training based on meditation that is open for everyone. 

Why meditation has made me a better entrepreneur.
Why meditation makes you a successful entrepreneur.

Why meditation has made me a better entrepreneur.
As an entrepreneur and former business developer within the media industry, I have always said that meditation is one of my greatest assets. The time I have spent in silence watching my own thoughts has made me more creative and it have helped me to gain some of my best ideas! Meditation also gives me the ability to stay focused and presence even when I´m experiencing stress and have to cope with many deadlines at the same time. Meditation also gives me the inner strength to continue when there´s a setback, or when no one believes in my ideas. As all entrepreneurs know, success does not come just from one success story or some random case of luck! We know that it is hard work and the ability to constantly see new possibilities in both our failure and progress

Confirmation from research and other entrepreuners
Even though today’s science and research supports my statement that meditation will make you a successful entrepreneur I´m quite happy when I find an article with Russell Simmons, serial entrepreneur and owner of Def. Jam Records who give his insights why you should use meditation as an entrepreneur. His insights is in line with my own, that the use of meditation leads to increased focus so you can be more productive, it will help you to keep going and motivated during both success and failure, and it gives you access to your own creativity and problem solving that most of us would say is an entrepreneur’s greatest asset!

Meditation is profitable, a promise from the super entrepreneur ”I promise that if you meditate twice a day for 20 minutes for just six weeks, you will see incredible returns on that investment!” – Russel Simmons

If you are not yet Varför meditation gör dig till en bättre entreprenör!  convinced that meditation is something for you after a promise like that or you think that you don´t have the time Russel Simmons continues with one of my favorite zen-quotes. Meditate 20 minutes a day unless you are too busy then you should meditate for an hour!”

The promise and the quotes comes from an article in the Magazine Entreprenuer. Read the entire article here.

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