The importance of managing yourself to become a good leader!

What is good leadership?
According to Peter F.Drucker guru and originator of modern leadership declares that good leadership is the skill of managing yourself! Managing yourself is the first step and something you should master before you go on to managing a company or managing other people. And when you are able to perform good leadership, you also have the key to a healthy and thriving business according to Drucker’s management philosophy.

Good management originates with managers who have learned to manage themselves before they manage anything else.
Good management originates with managers who have learned to manage themselves before they manage anything else. – Drucker

Managing yourself
The opposite of being able to managing yourself is being unclear and unfocused, to react on impulse both from internal and external distractions and always to be on autopilot where you easily are caught up in other peoples agenda without your own direction.

The ability to managing yourself includes; being focused and being present in the things in front of you. Be aware of your reactions and emotions both the good and the bad ones. And when you are aware of your reactions you can choose how you are going to act instead of just reacting on impulse. When the tempo is too high or you are stuck in a situation you dare to say stop and get a break for renewal of energy which also creates the opportunity to see things from a new perspective. And if you wonder how you can gain all those abilities you should check out mindfulness and what it can do for you.

Another benefit when you practice good leadership based on mindfulness are the understanding for others and that it will make you more compassionated towards those you lead. Today there´s a lot of research done about the benefits of empathetic and compassionate leaders, both for a healthy work environment but also for business growth.

Jeremy Hunter
A man who knows a lot about empathetic leadership and how to managing yourself is Jeremy Hunter. Jeremy Hunter is a teacher at Claremont Graduate University – Peter F. Drucker & Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management where he teaches how you can use mindfulness to be a better leader. Hunter just like myself at Mindful Business don´t just teach mindfulness as a way to get rid of stress or to relax, but as a strategic business tool that gets both yourself and your business to grow.

Read more about Hunter’s work at CGU and what kind of leadership skills you can look forward to when practicing mindfulness – Why mindfulness matters!


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